PONO PRIME — a new competitor for Ethereum

In 2021, we saw hundreds of new projects on the stock exchanges. The ongoing boom, like the one in 2017, stimulated the market to implement new ideas. However, when we take a closer look at the matter, we will see that most newly created tokens are nothing more than another interpretation of the already existing technology. When writing the article, Coinpaprika.com lists 1134 tokens with the tag “ETH Token”, which means that most developers are invariably choosing the Ethereum blockchain.

Although the Ethereum blockchain is a sufficient solution, you should also pay attention to other, independent blockchains. The team working on the AJN (Active Junctions Network) project went a step further by creating a “chain of chains” enabling cross-chain communication. The new technology created by the Polish team allows fast and secure transfer of tokens, and various types of data sets and other non-tokens assets.

As part of the new AJN blockchain, an ecosystem of decentralized services is already being created, constituting a practical case study and presenting the possibilities of the new blockchain. From the very beginning, the creators focus on practical applications that solve real problems of the information age.


The project aims to solve the problem of disappearing knowledge and skills that were once acquired by society and then forgotten. Living in the Internet age, we have access to unlimited resources of information, but often they are served so that it is difficult to use them in practice. Forums, blogs, or social media are places where we most often look for various types of advice. However, it often looks like looking for a needle in a haystack — the information is anecdotal or disordered.

When we try to fix something, we often need tools or components, and this is where problems often arise. Typing in generally available browsers, such as Google, keywords related to the searched items, we usually get many results and proposals. Choosing the best option is not always obvious and the KNOWLEDGE.prime project solves this problem. It helps you find information on how to do something and suggests specific tools that will allow you to do it. Thus, it will be a valuable tool for both home DIYers and experienced engineers.


Another project based on the AJN blockchain is NETWORKING.prime. It is an alternative to closed business platforms with limited access to information about enterprises and their processes. This solution allows not only to find the desired information, and to organize it in a structured way. Using many available sources of information (about people, projects, products, etc.) presents data in an accessible form so that they constitute a valuable base of knowledge about business, useful in the company’s development.


One of the biggest challenges for both individuals and businesses today is information security. The more valuable the data we send online, the greater the risk of leakage and falling into the wrong hands. The risk is associated with the applications we use and the devices on which we store and transmit information.

COMMUNICATOR.prime is an application that enables secure conversations, text communication, and file dispatch within the organization or with customers. It is designed for all types of devices that we use to ensure easy access whenever we want to exchange information safely.


The PONO PRIME team has put on its blockchain to provide users with an unprecedented level of security and availability of information. Open source code will allow developers to verify the claims of the PonoPrime team. According to the plan, the first solutions will be launched this year.

Currently, there are also private sales, interested in can join for a few more days, thus supporting the development of the project and receiving benefits resulting from early access to AJN tokens.

Originally published on Bitcoin.pl — written by Pawel Binkowski

Translated by Emily Kudra




Knowledge, relations and communication based on blockchain

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Knowledge, relations and communication based on blockchain

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