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3 min readAug 23, 2021


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Wikipedia is so 2007 and I have no idea why we haven’t made anything that can tidy up stockpiles of information and declutter this mess. Even the simplest of tasks are usually beyond our reach without any deliberation. We look for the solution, we ask people who have done it before and we end up with partial or misleading solutions. This is not right. It’s as if instead of moving forward, with every step getting us closer and closer to our goal, we are learning how to make the first step from scratch.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Knowledge is universal and I would say it is our duty to preserve it and build a very decent foundation from it.

The most important question is, why? Technology will always be around and there are way fewer questions to answer. I’ve walked this road so many times asking myself; how can we make it better? How can we prevent a loss of knowledge? Why do people not see what I see? Why is it ok for them to find solutions from nowhere?

How we gather and deliver the knowledge is so important because if we share it with people and it doesn’t help them to achieve their personal best, it’s not worth it. So the plan is to do something that will always deliver the best knowledge.


The plan is to utilize:

- ontologies,

- data graphs,

- agent-based programs,

- and some other fancy solutions.

Add to it backend support that will handle a lot of requests per second, will process and deliver hundreds of thousands of photos and videos, while still being able to carry on without glitches.

We have been providing large-scale transactional systems for the last 20 years. Technology here is really the easy part. What will be a real journey is the R&D we are going through.

If you can take a photo or record a video, identify the issue and write a description as clear as possible, there will always be someone who encountered the same issue and can tell you what to do to make it right.


It is going to be delivered as a service — a web-based platform with mobile apps where all solution seekers and those who can problem-solve will add their explanations.

A problem — usually a common thing. Repeats itself many times, again and again, generation after generation. We are reinventing solutions when they were defined probably thousands of years, generations before us. This is not right, this is not efficient, and we can do better.

A solution — an efficient and defined method, process, or steps where it is hard to find a better way to resolve a problem. With a definition of what tools you need and what parts are necessary to fix or make something.

Is it doable to deliver SaaS software that can make it happen? Absolutely.


Now. The ongoing ICO is to develop it. The blockchain core is already complete and working so people who are buying AJNs are investing in the development process. Groups of developers have been building the code for it continuously for the last three months.

The first public presentation will be in late September this year. As work progresses, I can see it will be ready soon and there are so many things we will expand on later. We have really cool comments and ideas as more people use it as an internal alpha version.





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