EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Maciej Stachowiak /PonoPrime - free the payment system


PonoPrime is a blockchain technology platform designed to guarantee its users the freedom to pay with any cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere. In addition, deeply believing in Knowledge and Networking, he wants to introduce a system of social media valuing that will be based on a new version of social media.

Maciej Stachowiak (MS): Quite by accident. Patrick was selling a computer to control the air suspension, and That’s what I was looking for. From word to word, it turned out that we are both interested in blockchain technology in real applications. Next, the story has already come together by itself.

The main chain has been in place for a month. We are talking about a production version, which at the moment has 10 node’s and can be viewed by Chain Explorer. What we offer right now is a real cryptocurrency, not a token on ERC20 or another standard. Today, anyone who buys AJNs, will buy real coins. He will be able to install the wallet application himself, add an account number in the system, and the vending machine will transfer the purchased AJNy to his wallet.

We understand the reluctance to ICOs and those associated with the risks that have been recorded in the history of the last few years.

In our case, the ICO is there to build a payment application that will be something similar to Revolut. However, on the other hand, we are talking about creating a platform where you can accumulate, acquire and monetize your knowledge.

People have an increasing need to repair and use things longer and more consciously — from objects to their own health. Taking care and repairing is ecological because it shifts recycling processes over time. It also saves money, but most importantly improves mood, acts therapeutically, gives a sense of independence, teaches, and inspires.

BIC: How can you be sure that with this approach and architecture you will be able to achieve your goal?

MS: Three years ago, a prototype of the Knowledge system was created. By creating PonoPrime, we have learned what has value and what is an overgrowth of functions over needs. We conducted user experience studies and A-B function tests based on prototypes.

In addition, we have introduced two key features:

— Making money from tips,

— The ability to translate advice/solutions into multiple languages,

— Building on the experience gained.

BIC: Okay. Your project has a global reach, you have collected a lot of data, a lot of queries, users. How to deal with it? These are not simple things.

MS: I have been building trading systems for many years — complex, innovative, mainly medical platforms, where safety and compliance are the basis. Here, using Kubernetes and Docker, the system replicates servers on the fly, balances DNSami, we have hardware honeypots, hardware firewalls, GPU-based computing machines, and access to very efficient hardware.

We have received ISO certification many times, including safety certifications. Security tests, code verification, APIs, pen tests, unannounced checks.

For this, we have very good developers, mathematicians. People we have known for many years, we have gone through many development routes. The analyses and work that we have behind us will allow us to calmly pamper the final solutions.

“Nonlinear cooperation rules”

BIC: Let’s talk about competition. You say that Revolut is what PonoPay is about to become. Is it?

Patryk Kozicki (PK): Oh, no! The loss of polish IBAN, blocking operations on USDT, inability to withdraw crypto, or blocking fiat transfers are classic problems of this company.

We will not allow ourselves to trade assets that we do not have. Our liquidity will be exactly like the contents of your wallets. We do not want to leverage or sell non-existent projects. The compliance specialists we work with are able to determine which banks have non-linear cooperation rules. We will discuss this issue or communicate directly that the operation may take longer.

BIC: What do the “non-linear cooperation rules” mean?

MS: We are talking about situations where you make a transfer and instead of being processed in a maximum of 3 days, it goes a month or more. When asking for reasons, something like: “Transfer hangs in the system somewhere”, “please do not worry, it will eventually happen”, “you have yet to send us a document X and Y”, “we need to fully confirm your identity”, etc.

If you need to make a full KYC, let’s do it, but let’s not play on time and drag the transfer.

We also have no respect for institutions that do not sell real crypto, but only options. If you knew you weren’t buying real BTC, would you like to buy them? Now you know how people who bought crypto should feel, which they could never transfer to their wallets.

PonoPay, PonoMarket and PonoPool

BIC: You have three more technical projects — say more about them?

MS: PonoMarket is a natural consequence of PonoPay. Since we have a crypto payment tool in the fiat world, we are asked to be able to pay for any product online. And that’s what PonoMarket is all about. It is a payment component such as PayU or PayPal.

Since we needed to introduce the Satoshi Test when trading large-scale in PonoPool, we want to create an uncomplicated system that can be used and generated after micropayments have been made. Certificates will have an expiration date and can be verified online. And so we have a PonoPool that already works and I hope you write something more about it in a separate article. We connect real buyers with real wallets where there are large amounts of BTC, ETH, or BNB.

Looking to the future of PonoPrime

BIC: Where is your project going? What is the future in the crypto world do you think?

MS: STO — real, real asset-backed projects. In addition, monetization of companies and real assets. We are seeing the first projects where existing listed companies are tokenized and the first problems are already starting to arise. On the German market, the regulator is investigating whether the law has been broken in such a process.

The dollar, due to its scale of use and volume, is an indestructible currency. You don’t see a viable replacement that can take away the field and expand. The current turmoil around Ethereum is not fortunate, and those who anticipate growth above BTC are, in my view, doing a disservice to unoriented investors. What is the difference between a classic fiat supported on nothing (ok — on chalk) than crypto built without cover. Nothing is different!

It is not appropriate to carry out bold operations with money issued by national banks. But in the case of crypto… Why not?

A true blockchain takes care of compliance and “numbers” each coin in a similar way as bank issuers do.

A payment asset supported by real security means that people have confidence in how additional digital coins are issued.

BIC: But the dollar is not tied to gold or any other asset?

MS: Since 1971, it seems that it is not. This thought, combined with the scale of the amount of money printed, takes away analysts’ restful sleep.

In our opinion, the starting power that can begin to realistically change the geometry of this situation is to build real products that change people’s quality of life and make them less dependent on the so-called corporation. Evolutionary systemic change is needed for all of us. Revolutions are unhealthy and even deadly for many.

Tips are included

BIC: You’re talking about money and making money on these platforms. Isn’t that an opinion on outgrowth?

MS: We don’t want to explore too much now, and for a while, we have to refrain from identifying the field we’re going to take first.

However, imagine that the advice allows you to earn 40 PLN at a time and 40 Polish recipients will benefit from it per month. After translating into German, there will be another 20 recipients, English 145 and Spanish 200 more.

BIC: How much advice will one person write? Two, four, or maybe ten a month?

MS: Not every tip will make a profit or bring less, but we know that the project will grow organically and quickly. We have checked this and we have evidence of existing projects. This is a new generation of what social media gives us.

We had Internet 2.0, which I would call a trial version before version 4.0. That’s what we want to build in the real world right now.

We have a test agent program that teaches you how to collect information and combine it into logical collections. Knowledge will be a huge step in collecting and valuing knowledge. Valued by the community.

BIC: And what role does AJN, your cryptocurrency, play in this project?

MS: It is a blockchain that handles all transactions. It will also be used for communication between participants. Ultimately, this service conglomerate will drive Communicator applications.

BIC: Thank you for the conversation and good luck.

MS: Many thanks. Greetings to all fans of cryptocurrencies and readers of BeInCrypto Poland!

Originally published on BeInCrypto.pl

Translated by Emily Kudra




Knowledge, relations and communication based on blockchain

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Knowledge, relations and communication based on blockchain

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